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DAY AND DATE: 18 June-28 June 2017

PLACES VISITED:Côte d’Azur (Nice, Cannes, Monaco) and Paris

ORGANISED BY: ITL Public School in collaboration with Education & Beyond Inida Pvt. Ltd.


9 students of Classes VII- XII were given an opportunity to experience the Educational Trip to France. The students in groups of 2-3 stayed in one host family in Nice. They were exposed to the French culture, language and cuisine. The two hour French classes at International House, Nice paid attention to speaking, listening and writing skills of the students. It was a wonderful experience and a dream come true for most of the students. The visit to great monuments and other historical places helped students in understanding France and its history. The highlights of the visit are the famous Beachside walk pathway- Promenade des Anglais at Nice, The Red Carpet at Cannes , the Grand Prix track at Monaco, The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Versailles castle which are world famous and left our students awestruck.

Overall the ten day Educational trip was filled with knowledge and fun, the memories of which will always remain in our hearts to be cherished forever.

And as they say …..

“Fais de ta vie une rêve, et d’un rêve, une réalité.

(Make your life a dream, and a dream, a reality).



Crossing geographical boundaries has always been a source of hands on learning. To add meaning to the statement, ITL Public School took on the 10 day trip to NASA, the United States of America organised by Astrotourism from 13 to 23 June 2016. Headed by Ms Ritu Sharma and Ms. Vaishali Mishra, as teachers in charge ,a group of 21 students ranging from class 8-11, visited the Kennedy Space Centre Visitors Complex, New York, Disney  Magic World (Florida), Universal  Studio and Niagra Falls within a span of 11 days from 13to 23 June 2016.

With an extraordinary statistics of only 600 astronauts all over the world, an experience of meeting and interacting with the astronaut Wendy Lawrence was unique, highly informative and unforgettable...! Visiting Astronaut Hall of Fame, Astronaut Training Centre kept the scientific and space temper ignited and sustained. Multi Axis Trainer, Simulation on Orbiter landing, life in space shuttle, live demonstrations of challenges faced were the activities minutely explained and demonstrated. Kennedy Space Centre opened avenues for observation for live shuttle experiences like Atlantis, IMAX Theatre, Shuttle Launch Experience, KSC Bus Route, Rocket Garden, virtual documentaries, as few of the life time experiences…! With so much to reflect in the offing, the only next awaited activity was Disney's Magic World followed by Universal Studios. Soaring adrenaline rush on rides and Live Shows gave the much required impetus to the visit. Ferrying to Liberty Island and marvel at the magnificence of the Statue of Liberty was another high point that oversaw the New York skyline against the calm Atlantic. With the most magnifying aura as its halo, visit to Times Square and its associated shopping spree added thrill and glory to the stay. Food habits too were a source of value addition. Pristine Niagra Falls catapulted the trip to a realisation of splendour of nature. Politically the fall distinctly divides Canada and the United States of America. The boat ride, the Maid of Mist transported the students on the foot of the falls... a truly mesmerising experience for all which transported us in a state of trance. It was a unique amalgamation of deep rooted education and sky rocketing fun.

The tour manager Mr Neetin Gosain, from Astro Tour planned commanded and navigated the trip with intelligence, knowledge and excitement which had a ripple effect on all of us. His unconditional gestures of responsiveness, care and wellbeing was unanimously appreciated by all. Though the itinerary had clarity of plan of action, he was flexible and receptive to the needs and excitement of the students. With perpetual traveling and disciplined time schedule, students not only got a well-planned and conclusive programme but also ended up learning life skills of adjusting to the provisions. Gradually they developed a wonderful bonding with Neetin sir so much so that by the end of the trip, they started missing his guidance . Beautifully said all we need to acclimatise into the ever changing scenario is to realise a sincere heart and develop trust. The trip was yet another forum to build the same .This unending excitement of the trip not only added knowledge on celestial world but also provided a powerful platform of interaction with G D Goenka School as other partner schools thereby fostering friendship and wellbeing .!

With uncompromising discipline, excellent time management and good eating habits as the core essence, a trip like this is always to look forward to.

It's precisely the vision set by our Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya that students could live and experience a life changing experience from this visit to NASA. We express our heartfelt gratitude to her for the same. Our sincere thanks to the management for empowering us to take on this responsibility.

What we carried home is not a mere visit to foreign land but an added value to our perception of a progressive citizen working towards global harmony and development... hence a paradigm shift. After all this... all I can say is.... Good to go ITL..!

Astronaut Training Camp at Kennedy Space Centre, NASA (11 June – 21 June 2014)
7 students of ITL Public School along with Teacher Escort Ms. Shikha Gautam (Coordinator Class XI) attended a two day Astronaut Training Camp at Kennedy Space Centre, NASA, U.S.A. conducted by SPACE (Astro Tourism) Technology and Education Private Limited. The students got a chance to experience, imagine and interact through space shuttle mission simulations, explore the facilities of Kennedy Space Centre, witness first- hand everyday challenges faced by astronauts and also interact with the famous astronaut Wendy Lawrence.
The astronaut training programme and the golden opportunity to meet astronaut Wendy Lawrence helped the students to enhance their knowledge of the cosmic zone.

The personalized attention which the tour director Mr Sachin Bahmba (Managing Director of Space) showed made everyone feel at home. His care and concern for each and every student and teacher deserves special mention.

Accommodation at each of the three places- New York, Orlando and Buffalo was excellent. It is worth mentioning that Indian Food was served daily in dinner.

In this 11 day tour, the students got the opportunity to visit the Magic Kingdom and Island of Adventure, to witness the Statue of Liberty, to explore the Times Square and to experience the magnificent Niagra Falls.

I would like to thank the management for providing this lifetime opportunity to the students as well as to the teachers. We would also like to thank Astro Tourism for organizing this trip successfully and we look forward for a long lasting relationship with them.
ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL has been achieving and constantly striving to achieve new goals. The session 2014-15 began with a new endeavour undertaken with the initiative of its Principal Mrs Sudha Acharya, who decided to send a team of young ITLeens for a MUN Training camp at INDIANA UNIVERSITY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
A group of 8 enthusiastic MUNers and their teacher cum guide Mrs Ruchi Mathur left India on June 7th . Each one carried a dream in their eyes which they hoped to achieve with their hardwork & tireless efforts.

The tiredness of the flight disappeared like a smoke after drinking in the sight that awaited for the next 3hrs, the group covered by road from Cincinnati to Bloomington, the final destination.

On the morning of June 9th the group was taken around BRISCOE RESIDENTIAL HALL by Camp Counsellors to familiarise them about the general lay out of the area. Registration began at 1.00p.m from there on it was long work hours for participating students. Sessions would begin at sharp 9.00a.m & go on till 11.30p.m. Often lunch or dinner would be combined with guest speakers addressing students on topics such as changing International scenario, future prospects for a child pursuing International Relations for specialisation, Admission procedure at Indiana University.

About 50 students from India and U.S were a part of the camp. First two days were a little rough as students could not keep up with the long hours of the camp. Thereafter students got engrossed in exciting topics and current international issues. They started bonding with their Co Muners. The camp counsellors plus their teacher too became instrumental in instilling a sense of work ethics & responsibility. Students mingled with each other to form lobbies, write Resolutions, block proposals presented on the floor, a big brother helping a weaker sibling to gain acceptance from all countries across the globe during a particular session.

However it was not all work, rewards after a hard days work were something to look forward to. There was lunch at a Spanish restaurant in the Downtown Area, visit to the university Balling Alley, A dip in the Swimming pool. It appeared the weather Gods too conspired to give the team their best. A sunny day at the pool, a light drizzle as they walked downtown, soft soothing breeze during their walk to the alley. All these gave a feeling that a conspiracy was brewing between the two i.e. the weather Gods & the young Muners, conveying mutual support & understanding.

June 13th saw the closure of the camp. ITL prevailed all through, winning as many as SIX AWARDS maximum won by any single group or school. We received the best delegate. Best resolution writer, best pick up by a delegate, favourite among the chair, best dressed & teddy bear among delegates which was very sweet indeed. Students parted after saying goodbye with heavy heart & a promise to meet again.

Next day the group proceeded to New York. They visited The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building & Madame Tussandes wax Museum.

Culmination was even more exciting as the group visited The UNITED NATIONS Headquaters. It returned back to N Delhi after a fulfilling and successful trip.


“J'aime La France” came alive when 10 students with the teachers escort, Ms. Ruchi Sahni were given the opportunity to be a part of French Educational Trip in collaboration with Education and Beyond Pvt. Ltd. The 10 days trip included visit to South of France – Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Eze and 3 days stay at Paris.

The highlight of the trip was the stay with host families in South of France where students understood the French food, culture & lifestyle. They made a home away from home & bonded well with the families & prepared Indian food for them as well. The other highlight were the French classes conducted everyday at Cannes Foreign Language Institute for which they were given certificates.

The visit to the various places on the Mediterranean gave the opportunity to see the old city of Eze, Frejus and St. Raphael with it’s traditional Roman and French Architecture with the contrast to red carpet at Cannes and a high rising city of Monaco.

The stay in Paris was accompanied by visits to all important monuments like the magnificent Eiffel Tower, The Louvre – with the epic beauty of Monalisa, Notre Dame etc. It was in all an educative and memorable experience, which gave students a global coherence inspite of dissimilarities in food, language and culture.


  21 students of ITL Public School along with two teacher escorts, Mr. Pradeep Panda (HOD Physics) and Ms Sumana Goswami (Coordinator VI-VIII) attended a three day graduation camp at Kennedy Space Centre, NASA, U.S.A. The students got a chance to experience, imagine and interact through space shuttle mission simulations, explore the facilities of Kennedy Space Centre, witness first- hand everyday challenges faced by astronauts and also interact with the famous astronaut, John Blaha.

 In this 11 day tour, the students got the opportunity to visit Magic Kingdom and Island of Adventure, to witness the Statue of Liberty, to explore the American Museum of Natural History and to experience the magnificent Niagra Falls.

 The tour was indeed a lifetime opportunity for the students. It was an educating, thrilling and learning experience for all.


Prajjwal Kausha, Akshit Dhingra, Ansh Dhingra - members of the karate team of ITL Public School got a lifetime opportunity to explore the Martial Arts skill when they got the invitation to attend training and seminar at Sanshin Kan Honbu Dojo (in Stockholm-Sweden).The training and seminars over there focused on the tradition and fundaments that Sanshin  Kan internationals train to the Karate Players.

The students of ITL recall that they had an enchanting and enthralling experience. They were thrilled to be trained with Umar Khan, the Hollywood star, MMA Fighter Marting Fouda, National champions Alex and Lisa.

They were trained by world Karate Master, Blackbelt, Soke Tamas Weber. The experience on the whole was very enriching and exposures of this kind add a new edge to the budding players.


14 students of ITL Public School along with the teacher escort Ms. Ruchi Sahni enjoyed an exciting and enriching 11 day trip to the USA. The students attended a three day Graduation camp at the Kennedy Space Station, NASA, Orlando, USA where they got a real life experience of being an astronaut. They also got the opportunity to meet and interact with Ken Cameron who was a former Space Shuttle Astronaut. The students explored through the KSC and were fascinated and motivated by every bit of it. In the 11 day trip the students also got the opportunity to explore the American History Museum, to witness the grandeur of Statue of Liberty and experience the hustle and bustle of Times Square.

The students had an exciting & adventurous trip to Disney World and Island of Adventure, Universal Studio, Orlando. The students also had the magnificent experience of the Niagara Falls where nature spell bound them with its beauty and magnitude. They also got an overview of American culture and its mannerism, they learnt to live by themselves away from home and stick to a family called ITLeens. Overall it was an educating, thrilling and a learning experience for all.

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